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703.04 Public Offerings and Private Placement of Common Stock Listing Process

(A) Publicity and Notice to the Exchange

The Exchange requires that immediately after a company's Board of Directors has taken action with respect to a public offering or a private placement of common stock listed on the Exchange, all known terms and details of the transaction shall be released to the wire services and the press. Prompt notice shall be given to the Exchange in accordance with the Exchange's timely disclosure/telephone alert procedures as more fully explained in Paras. 202.05 and 202.06(B).

(B) Shareholder Approval Policy

The company should consult Para. 312.00 to determine whether or not shareholder approval of the issuance of the securities is required.

(C) Filing a Listing Application Relating to Public Offerings and Private Placements

The general instructions for preparation and filing of a listing application are described in Para. 703.01. The form of listing application and information regarding supporting documents required in connection with the listing application are available on the Exchange's website or from the Exchange upon request.

Amended: August 15, 2013 (NYSE-2013-33).